Telling Jefferson Lies

Getting Jefferson Right

February 08, 2024 Warren Throckmorton Season 1 Episode 4
Telling Jefferson Lies
Getting Jefferson Right
Show Notes

What was so wrong with The Jefferson Lies that Thomas Nelson decided to pull the book from publication? In this episode, Michael Coulter and Warren Throckmorton start answering that question by pulling  material from their book, Getting Jefferson Right.

In this episode, we take long looks into Barton’s handling of the Danbury Baptist letter to Thomas Jefferson, the Jefferson Bible, and a fable about Jefferson and church attendance.  We show how the use of ellipses, second and third-hand sources, and a creative imagination can make historical fiction out of history.


The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth (The 1820 Jefferson Bible)

Letter from the Danbury Baptists

Letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists

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The next episode Whitewash will post in two weeks on February 21. In the meantime, I plan a bonus episode for sometime next week. Stay tuned for that. 

Today’s closing song is "Ain’t It a Shame to Work on Sunday" by the Bethel Jubilee Quartet and written by T.H. Wiseman. Telling Jefferson Lies Theme song is "The World Awaits Us All" by Roman Candle. Background music was provided by Roman Candle and Warren Throckmorton. 

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